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The Anatomy of a Windshield

The windshield consists of two pieces of glass and one piece of plastic laminated between the pieces of glass. This is called safety glass. It is on all types of vehicles as the front glass.

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What about fixing side and back glass?

I repair most tempered parts of cars. Tempered glass is either: door glass, vent glass, quarter glass or back glass.

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What is a Rock Chip or Ding?

A rock chip is when a rock (or other object) hits your windshield and breaks the first layer, the outer layer. What you see in a rock chip is an air pocket. What we do to repair the rock chip is to inject an ultraviolet light (UV) resign into the air pocket which hardens hard as glass. This prevents the windshield from breaking 99.99% of the time.

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Why should the little chip be repaired?

The chip should be repaired, because if it is not, it will break. Most rock chips break when it is cold outside and you turn on your heater or, when it is hot outside and you wash your car with cold water. A fast temperature change on your windshield will break your glass. Insurance companies will pay for the rock chip repair if you have comprehensive insurance. 99% of all insurance companies will pay for a rock chip repair when there is comprehensive coverage.

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Hazards of a cracked windshield...

The hazard of a cracked windshield, if you leave it long enough, will contaminate and deteriorate the plastic that is between the two pieces of glass. This will diminish the effectiveness of the safety glass. Your insurance company would prefer you to get the cracked windshield replaced. Otherwise, leaving it cracked could possibly cause harm to yourself or others in the vehicle if the windshield gets hit again on the crack. Another hazard of a cracked windshield is illustrated when driving at night. The oncoming headlights can reflect from the crack and shine into your eyes. Or, when the sun is shining, could have the same effect.

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Legal information regarding your damaged windshield.

If you have a crack or rock chip in the line of your sight (on the driverís side) it is against the law. A police officer could pull you over and write you a fix-it-ticket. Then you will have about 30 days to have it repaired. Some reasons for this are: oncoming headlights, at night, or sun shining onto the windshield, can reflect from the crack and shine into your eyes.

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How easy is it to have my windshield repaired?

It is very easy! Just give me a call. I work with all insurance companies. Most time there is little or no out-of-pocket expense for you. I even come out to you (or where ever the vehicle is located), free of charge. This enables you to continue with your daily activities without having to go to a shop for windshield repair.

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